EXHIBIT” A” - of the Advertising Activity Standards of Professional,


Established to fulfill the item 2.5.1 of the Advertising Activity Standards of Professional,

Technical Structure and Media Resources. Minimum Level for Commitment to Media Information Services (Research)

Based on the provisions of Law No. 4,680/65 and No. 12,232/10, the "agency standard discount" recognized by the advertising market as activity progress tool, exclusively to Advertising Agencies for the purpose to subsidize the maintenance and development of  its structures, essential to the advertising qualification and effectiveness. To ensure  correct application of the principle that established the standard discount, this Exhibit  defines the commitments of the agencies on the minimum list of technical resources of  media information services (research), considering its size, operation range and  Customer’s portfolio.

The parameters corresponding to each media revenue range should be understood as the
minimum acceptable for the rendering of quality services, within the standard of each range, thus the Agency is enabled to the Technical Qualification Certificate to be awarded by the CENP.

There is, however, nothing to prevent the Agency to have / make use of services additional to its media revenue range, including and to be considered in this case and if proven as a participant in correspondent group.


The Basics


1.The media information services should vary depending on media revenue range of the Agency, the configuration of the Customers’ portfolios and geographical area of its operations.


2.Higher Committee of Standards defines the score rates by type of service/supplier, according to different revenue ranges of media for acceptance of the reports sets available.


3. These indices will be updated annually on the approval/resolution of the Higher Committee of Standards and should be released in the first quarter of each year through points level (click here), based on the following assumptions:


    • Share of means on advertising investments;
    •  Economic relevance and reality of the markets, with respect to the rendering of media information services, the frequency and scope;
    • Relevance of Studies /accredited Reports;
    • Studies / reports will be grouped into pillars: Audience / Investment / habits, analyzed according to marketing information provided by suppliers with  Accredited Services;


4.The study and the preparation of points level are the responsibility of the Media Technical Committee (CTM), a body established by the  Higher Committee of Standards which is liable for the advice and technical advice to CENP, in all issues relating to the media and
related to this Exhibit. The CTM is made-up, equally, by media professionals of Agency/ Media/Advertiser.


5. The framework of the Agency will be in groups with media revenue ranges (in BRL), defined in each year according to market reality, established and distributed in the first quarter/year along with points levels (click here) referred to in Item 3 of this Exhibit.


5.1.The classification referred to in item 5 will correspond to the minimum technical classification of the Agency. On proof  available to/using additional media services, the Agency will request its classification in higher technical rating, committing to maintain additional services evidenced at least for six (6) months.


5.2. The technical classification will be disclosed by the CENP permanently, for market knowledge.


6.The inclusion in the upper media revenue range will be crucial to expanding the commitment to have / make use of media information services, provided however, this does not result in higher operating costs to the Agency's media revenue growth.


7.Media revenues will not be considered as determinant to expanding this commitment, and the interested Agency will demonstrate such an eventuality or seasonality to the CENP.


8.The Agency will prove to have / use neutral and independent media information services, provided by Suppliers with services technically  accredited by CENP, through Media Technical Committee (CTM).


9.When applying for the certification, the Agency undertakes to have / make use of media information services on a permanent basis, as  provided in item 2.5.3 of these Advertising Activity Standard.


10.CENP is liable for checking annually whether the Agencies holding the Technical Qualification Certificate are in compliance with the  commitments of media information services listed in this Exhibit "A".


11.ABAP and SINAPROS associated with FENAPRO should maintain training courses for professionals from Agencies affiliated thereto,  both for the dissemination of information and media techniques and to provide them with the knowledge necessary to use the services.


12.CENP, in partnership with main Suppliers of media information, will provide to Agencies in Eight groups, at no cost, media information  services and elements deemed necessary to ensure qualitative  conditions of performance and possible growth.


13.Basic Information Services of regular Media , for the purpose of compliance with Exhibit "A", comprise Studies and Reports available  by Suppliers with Accredited Services, based on the pillars of  Audience/Investment/ Habit for the following means:


- Over the air and paid Television;

- Rádio (AM e FM);

- Magazine;

- Newspaper;

- Internet;

- Cinema

- Outdoor Advertising / Out of Home Media - OOH.


Newspaper and magazine media comprise also circulation checking.


14.  CENP, as provided for in item 2.5.4 of the Standards, will recognize studies / information / media software provided by Media Information  Providers, and CTM is liable for recommending to the Higher  Committee of Standards, after examination, accreditation of the services offered by Suppliers, except for accreditation of Circulation  Checking services, which processing will be on liability of the Legal  Department, by designated Director’s delegation according to art. 44 of  the Bylaws of CENP.


Agencies of One, Two, Three and Four Groups are committed to have / make use of media information services in accordance with the basic principles outlined above, particularly  with respect to points level mentioned in item 3 .

The commitments with the media control service (supervision) should be aligned with the requirements and needs of the customer’s portfolio and fulfill the agreements established therewith and any exceptions will be submitted to the CTM for analysis and evaluation.


Agencies are recommended t have/make use of multimedia software and the choice of
supplier is on their discretion.


Agencies in Five, Six and Seven Groups are committed to have / make use of, respectively,  03 (three), 02 (two) and one (01) media information services provided by Suppliers with  services accredited by CENP.

The commitments should be more flexible by the recommendation of the Technical Committee Media (CTM), always proven when offer in the analyzed market is equal to or lower than the provisions of this Exhibit.

In such cases, the Agency should request to CTM the review of provision, proving the facts alleged.


To these Agencies, the CENP, in partnership with the Media Information Suppliers with services accredited by the entity - - make available, through the Media Information Bank, research and elements deemed necessary to ensure qualitative  conditions of performance and possible growth.

It is recommended that this research are added by other market information and media  that will add value to media planning.


The incentive of ABAP, FENAPRO and Media, with the support of CENP, to rendering and  use of media information services, will generate a positive consideration for the Suppliers  with Accredited Services with regard to the quality of available data and services, and prices  or special discounts for Agencies classified in Five, Six, Seven and Eight Group of  this Exhibit.

Entities and companies mentioned above will establish with Suppliers with Accredited Services, quality control proposal that prioritizes the following items:


  • Critics of all information that is produced, i.e., the data should only contain reports after they have been checked by the Supplier, which will inform the subscriber in the case of any irregularity. This item includes the sample inconsistency of low audience, which should be excluded from reports;


  • Streamlining data and information agility to meet the user’s needs to obtain and generate rapid and concise answers, increasing its proximity to the market;


  • The Supplier shall have a well-prepared team, with knowledge of the methodology and all data processing stages to answer questions from users pertaining to the results contained in the reports and special processing, strictly fulfilling the  delivery times;


  • Ensure the proper service to the market in general, expanding, if any, teams with  part of the funds from the new subscribers who are less experienced in the use of  media information service and require more time dedication of Supplier and its  personnel; and


  • Evaluation on the need and opportunity for inclusion of new media information services subject to accreditation by CENP for inclusion in the Exhibit, on the recommendation of ABAP / FENAPRO.


  • Tables and terminology used in the reports should be self-explanatory;


From a commercial point of view, the Entities and the companies mentioned above will  also charge the beneficiaries Suppliers a pricing policy that encourages subscriber  market to evolve in its analysis through the use of special processing and consultations,  but avoiding duplication of costs.


Furthermore, the reinvestment should be required to suppliers of higher revenue  generated by the expansion of the market in items as:


  • Development of new software;
  • Expansion of coverage area of the regular studies;
  • Increasing the number of markets studied; and
  • Increased use of advanced resources (such as, for example, people meters).


The amendment to Exhibit "A" of the Advertising Activity Standard was approved by the  Higher Committee on 07.16.2019 for entry into force in Jan / 2020.