C.N. - 010
Experimental Agencies / Laboratories

SÃO PAULO, March 16, 2006



  1. that the professional activities carried out in Advertising Agencies have their own characteristics, in the creative and technical art field, as defined by Articles 4 and 5 of Decree No. 57690 of February 1, 1966, which approved the Regulation of Law No. 4680 of 18 June 1965, which regulates the profession of advertising professional and advertising agent;
  2. that, currently, due to the technical development of media and artistic improvement in the advertising field, the education of advertising professionals is a responsibility given to Advertising Universities and Colleges, duly authorized by the Ministry of Education, through the application of norms and basic syllabus established by the Federal Education Committee;
  3. that, it is part of the basic syllabus of undergraduate degrees in advertising, the recommendation of practical classes in laboratories of applied communication and in the so-called Experimental Agencies, as well as encouraging research, aiming at valuing the formal education of future advertising professionals;
  4. that CENP has, mistakenly received applications for Experimental Agency Certification held in and/or by Universities and Colleges, while receiving information from the market on the prospecting of clients by some of these education entities;
  5. that, it is not within CENP’s role to act as regulatory agency of any education activity, even when it is advertising practice, it shall ensure, only the technical conditions of operation of Advertising Agencies and their business practices, all aiming at free competition and good market practice, for that reasons its practice, which is why, its Advisory Board has, Decided on:


First - There shall be no consideration of CENP’s technical department of the applications of Certification forwarded by Experimental Agencies, or any other type and denomination that follows an education structure and/or maintained by University or College offering advertising degree education. The application, once received, will be returned to the applicant with an explanation that it is not CENP’s role to inspect and certify the operating conditions of the teaching body;


Second – CENP’s Executive Board shall have all pending applications for consideration related to that which has been addressed on this Regulatory Communication be resolved in accordance with that established on this document here, and reviewed those, which perhaps, have resulted in certification, contrary to the Standards-Norms for the Advertising Activity.


Petrônio Correa


Note: The following text was freely translated into English and is valid for all legal purposes the original version in Portuguese.