C.N. - 017
Advertisign Agencies Certification - Minimum Professional Structure



São Paulo, September 9, 2014. *




  1. The Advertising Activity Standards established in item 2.5.3, a mandatory requirement, the Agency to have technical certification, permanent professional structure is required, which is understood to be that the experts staff under art. 3 of Law 4.680 / 65;
  2. In respect to this provision, CENP has required in the certification process, revalidation and / or review to the Agency to indicate name and number of employees skilled in advertising as a way to improve the review process and better meet the requirements of the Law and the Standards;
  3. The need for a specific standard on the issue has become essential to ensure the compliance with the provisions of art. 4 of Law 12.232 / 10, which provides on bidding and advertising services agreement to the Government, by which CENP is the certifying body of technical capacity of the Agency;
  4. Definition of advertising expert under Law 4,680 / 65 should comply with the law and numerically to the different realities of the market, fact determining the requirements of qualified personnel to render advertising services;
  5. The law states to be mandatory professional registration for the advertiser (Article 8 of Law 4.680 / 65.), establishing the ways for registration application and essential requirements - education in advertising course and / or statement of advertising work by the legal entity
  6. employer, which provides on knowledge of professional quality;
  7. employer, which provides on knowledge of professional quality;
  8. To ensure equal treatment of all applications, the Superior Board of Standards,




First - In applications for certification / revalidation, or at any time in the assessment of technical capacity, Advertising Agency shall be required to certify to have, permanently, specialized personnel structure, referred to in item 2.5.3 of the Advertising Activity Standards;


Second - The evidence referred to in the previous article shall be made by the demonstration, in a legal document, the professional practice at least of two (2) advertising experts referred to in art. 3 of Law no. 4.680 / 65, a condition that shall be demonstrated by (i) diploma of recognized school specialized in education of advertiser and / or (ii) professional registration pursuant to art. 8 of Law no. 4.680 / 65;


§ 1º. Failing to fulfill the second item above, proof of technical training should be made by submission of documents, as provided for in sole paragraph of art. 8 of Law No. 4.680 / 65;


§ 2º. If the provisions of 1st § could not be fulfilled, another document should be accepted which fulfills the same purpose.


Caio Barsotti

* First wording approved on 02.11.2014.