C.N. - 018
Accreditation of Media information Services



  1. Entity's Bylaws set forth in item XII of art. 5 as one of its corporate purposes to "Accredit at the request of stakeholders, aiming the technical qualification and good industry practices, according to the technical requirements of the market, Media Information Service providers (research) and Circulation Verification” without dealing with the issue when it comes to the powers of the Superior Board of Standards;
  2. In Bylaws, the accreditation of such services is made by the administrator Chairman (item XV, art. 40), taking into account studies and recommendation of Media Technical Committee - CTM, technical body composed of media experts who work in advertising companies , advertising agencies and communication channels, acting on system approved by the Superior Board of Standards;
  3. In the same statutory provision, the action of the administrator Chairman depends, to be effective, is subject to the approval of the Superior Board of the Standards which, by the annual calendar of meetings, should delay the offer to the media services market, with losses for those has developed thereof and for those wishing to use it;
  4. The lack of provision in Bylaws on the time of approval of accreditation in the authorities chapter of Superior Board of Standards and to ensure speed and security to those seeking CENP to accredit media information services and wanting to use it;




First - The accreditation of media information services shall be valid from the day of publication of the accreditation act signed by the administrator Chairman of CENP in formal process that contains the studies and the express recommendation of accreditation signed by the Media Technical Committee;


Second - The accreditation act shall be submitted to the Superior Board of the Standards and submitted its assessment, ad referendum, as a priority agenda of the first meeting following its disclosure;


Third - Until the approval, accreditation act shall be considered as granted as provisional, which should be known to the market, to avoid doubts about the possibility of subsequent denial by the Superior Board of Standards;


Fourth - No decision of the Superior Board of Standards denying the accreditation of media studies, shall be implemented without its members examine and adopt irreproachable technical opinion that challenges the one submitted by CTM as a recommendation for accreditation;


Fifth - This Normative Communication is in force on the date it is published.


São Paulo, April 28, 2016.


Caio Barsotti