C.N. - 019
Advetisement Account - Concept/Definition



CENP - Conselho Executivo das Normas-Padrão, in order to define and conceptualize advertising account for the purposes of self-regulation ethical and commercial environment and the Brazilian advertising model, explains:


Advertising account is the one which fulfillment and management is carried out preferably by written agreement, continuously, of institutional advertising, or any other kind of a company and/or entity of a product, product line and/or institutional image in public or private level, by Advertising Agency, which operates by advertiser’s order and account that has contracted it, and the service performed in integrated manner, consisting of design/creation of advertising materials, supervision of the performance of services performed by third parties suppliers, media planning and intermediation with the media / dissemination media, with negotiation of conditions and on order and/or with the advertiser, regardless of the mean to be used in accordance with item 3.1 and sub-items 1 of the Advertising Activity Standards.


Sole Paragraph - The advertising creation, collective work organized by the Advertising Agency, is the intellectual property of the person who organized it, respecting the individual rights and legal provisions, and will only be used with his consent, which is implicit for those hiring thereof, and in the case of account transfer, upon prior authorization of the creating Agency, presumably for consideration, unless otherwise agreed between the parties.

13.1 Every agency, approved and certified in accordance with item 2.5 and sub-items of these Standards, will be able to provide to its Customers the following services, among others that constitute its natural unfolding or complementary thereto, acting by order and account of Customer-Advertiser:

3.1.1. design, idea, brand, product or service study to spread, including the identification and analysis of its absolute and relative advantages and disadvantages to target groups and, as applicable, its market and its competition;
3.1.2. Identification and analysis of target groups and / or the market where the design, idea, brand, product or service find better chance of assimilation;

3.1.3. Identification and analysis of competing ideas, brands, products or services;

3.1.4. Examination of the distribution and marketing system, including the identification and analysis of the absolute and relative advantages and disadvantages to the market and competition;

3.1.5. Preparation of advertising plan, including the design of messages and parts (Creation) and the study of means and media which, according to appropriate techniques, ensure the best coverage of target groups and / or target markets (Media planning);

3.1.6. Implementation of advertising plan, including budget and performance of advertising production (Production) and the purchase, distribution and control of advertising in Hired Media (Media performance), and the payment of invoices.


São Paulo, July 16, 2019.


Caio Barsotti