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Sobre o CENP >> # What is CENP?
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# What is CENP?

The Conselho Executivo das Normas-Padrão – CENP (Standard Norms Executive Council) is an ethics entitity, which operates nationwide, exclusively created and maintained by the private sector to assure good commercial practices among advertisers, advertising agencies and the media.

It is based on the Standard Norms of Advertising Activities, a document that provides guidance on practices and covers permanently, four important areas: 

  1. Certifies the technical quality of the advertising agency, assuring it has a physical structure and staff that is compatible with the market in which it operates, and this  including competent use of media surveys.
  2. Submits to public confirmation, the price lists of the communication vehicles, an inhibiting instrument of unfair practices in price quoting by advertising services.
  3. Certifies media information services offered by specialized companies, and certifies institutes/companies so they can conduct circulation audits of press communication means.
  1. Acts as a permanent forum for technical and commercial discussions of the advertising area. It is not a governmental body, but it has Norms and Certification power acknowledged by federal legislation as an instrument for public entities, which use advertising for communication purposes.