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Sobre o CENP >> # Governance
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# Governance

A corporate governance, which is more transparent and intensely shared with its stakeholders, has led CENP to improve its management tools systematically.
Besides seeing that norms and procedures are complied with for the sake of a healthy relationship among the agents of advertising activities, CENP provides for an environment that enhances the market technical qualifications and values the best commercial practices.

Statement of Commitments to Ethical Conduct 
CENP’s Executive Board approved, in May 2016, the Statement of Commitments to Ethical Conduct of the organization, as a result of a number of internal reflections from the entity’s managers and collaborators, aiming at setting the pillars of performance of their roles in their personal and vocational relations. For further details on the document click here.

Audited Accounts
CENP maintains its accounts regularly audited by independent auditors. The accounts are monitored by the members of the Fiscal Council, who approve them annually, and, subsequently, they are submitted to the Associated Members’ General Assembly, under the terms of their Bylaws.