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# Background

CENP – Standard Norms Executive Council was constituted on 16 December 1998 by means of a free convention among representative entities of the main economic agents of the Brazilian advertising market. SigCENP – Standard Norms Executive Council was constituted on 16 December 1998 by means of a free convention among representative entities of the main economic agents of the Brazilian advertising market. Signing and committing to the principles defended by CENP were the Advertisers, represented by ABA - Associação Brasileira dos Anunciantes (Brazilian Association of Advertisers); the Advertising Agencies, by ABAP - Associação Brasileira das Agências de Publicidade (Brazilian Association of Advertising Agencies) and FENAPRO - Federação Nacional das Agências de Propaganda (National Federation of Advertising Agencies); and the Communication Vehicles, by ANJ - Associação Nacional de Jornais (National Association of Newspapers), ANER – Associação Nacional dos Editores de Revistas, (National Association of Magazine Publishers), ABERT – Associação Brasileira de Emissoras de Rádio e Televisão (Brazilian Association of Radio and TV Stations),  ABTA - Associação Brasileira de Televisão por Assinatura (Brazilian Association of TV by Subscription) and Central de Outdoor (Billboard Center). Subsequently, IAB Brasil – Interactive Advertising Bureau and ABDOH - Associação Brasileira de Mídia Digital Out of Home (Brazilian Association of Out of Home Digital Media) also joined CENP.

These entities share the principle that the advertising activity is fundamental to enable competition and evolution among companies, brands, products and services.

They believe in enabling diversity and freedom of expression of the media, whose revenues come entirely or mostly from advertising.

They hold there is no freedom of expression, culture diffusion, knowledge and entertainment without advertising.

Thus, they signed a document, on 16 December 1998, destined to assist in the ethical and commercial relationship among advertisers, advertising agencies and the media, updating the Standard Norms of the Advertising Activities originally approved in 1957.

The CENP – Standard Norms Executive Council, was then created, a non-profit civil association, responsible for the conduction of the self-regulation of ethical and commercial relations among the three economic agents of the advertising market, and also for fostering the best practices among these agents, motivating competition for more efficiency and better quality, having, for this purpose, to ensure compliance with the Standard Norms of Advertising Activities.

CENP – Standard Norms Executive Council is formed by the following bodies:General Assembly: sovereign body of the entity, which has a deliberative function.

  1. Executive Board: normative and directive body.
  2. Executive Directorship: administrative body.
  3. Ethics Council: body responsible for reconciling and mediating, as well as judging conflicts among agents and interests in the market concerning the Standard Norms of Advertising Activities.
  4. Fiscal Council: inspecting body of CENP
  5. Consulting Council: acts as a counselling body of the Executive Directorship with no administrative function.

The Standard Norms of Advertising Activities awarded CENP, according to Article 7, item 7.1, letter c,  the competence to give “Technical Qualification Certifications”, which is contemplated in item 2.5.1 of the same instrument. Federal Law 12.232/10, in its Article 4, Paragraph 10, legally recognizes the entity as an inspector and certifier of technical conditions of Advertising Agencies.
CENP – Standard Norms Executive Council counts as well on two other bodies:

  1. CTM - Comitê Técnico de Mídia (Media Technical Committee), integrated by qualified professionals working at Agencies, the Media and Advertisers, responsible for the analysis and recommendation of media information study certification.

  2. BUP - Banco Único de Listas de Preços (Single Bank of Price Lists), a registering system through which the media associates upload their Price Lists complying with the requirement from Decreto Regulamentador da Lei n° 4.680/65 (Regulating Decree of Law 4.680/65), with individual, independent, single and public Price Lists.